Vaxxas is commercializing a novel vaccination technology that dramatically enhances the performance of existing and next-generation vaccines.

Needle-free Technology

The core of Vaxxas technology platform is a High Density Microarray Patch (HD-MAP). Vaxxas' HD-MAP is readily fabricated by injection molding to produce small patches each with thousands of very short (~0.25mm) microprojections.

Vaxxas has developed novel technologies that enable vaccines to be applied to the tips of the microprojections under sterile conditions. The HD-MAP delivers the vaccine on its microprojections efficiently to the high density populations of immune cells directly beneath the surface of the skin. The microprojections also trigger natural immuno-cellular alarms that cause vaccine components to be rapidly trafficked to lymph nodes eliciting a robust immune response.

Integrated Single-use Applicator

Vaxxas' HD-MAP coated with vaccine is integrated into single-use applicator, ready-for-vaccination. The product is designed to be effective and easy-to-use, while meeting industrial-scale manufacturing and commercial logistics requirements.

Compelling Benefits

Vaxxas HD-MAP vaccine products have clinically demonstrated a number of important benefits.

More Robust And Dose Efficient

Faster and increased immune response with lower doses

Avoids Cold Chain Complexity

Thermostability for certain vaccines, eliminating the need for refrigeration

Broad Accessibility

Needle-free delivery of vaccines with the potential for self-administration

Clinical Validation

Vaxxas has thoroughly validated its HD-MAP products in both pre-clinical and human clinical settings. The company has published the results of its clinical studies in peer-reviewed publications; if you are interested in learning more about our clinical results, please contact us.