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Vaxxas Recognized as 2013 BioSpectrum Asia-Pacific Emerging Company of the Year

March 18, 2013

Company Enabling Next-Generation Vaccines using Nanopatch™ Platform
Vaxxas, a biotechnology company commercializing a novel vaccine-delivery platform that activates immunological cells immediately below the surface of the skin, announced today it has received the BioSpectrum Asia-Pacific Emerging Company of the Year Award. The award recognizes Vaxxas for the potential of its needle-free Nanopatch™ platform to enhance delivery efficiency and improve effectiveness of a wide range of vaccines.

"We thank BioSpectrum Asia-Pacific for recognizing Vaxxas and the tremendous potential of the Nanopatch™ platform," said David Hoey, Chief Executive Officer of Vaxxas. "Our team is working hard to advance the core science as we engage industry partners in preparation for our first clinical demonstrations."

The Company announced a research collaboration with Merck in October 2012 to explore use of the Nanopatch™ with certain vaccines. Later that same month, the Company was awarded the 2012 Janssen AusBiotech Emerging Company of the Year.

Vaxxas was founded in August 2011 with the completion of a $15M Series A equity financing. In late 2012 the company opened a commercialization office in Cambridge, Massachusetts to expand access to global pharmaceutical partners and complement the Company's research and development operations based in Queensland, Australia.